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How to be healthy

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) says health is more than the absence of disease. “Health is a state of physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” it says. It is the key to living a productive and satisfying life. If you are planning on getting healthier, get health supplements like the best bioidentical DHEA cream!

Path to improved health
You can break down the concept of health into different categories. These could include physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral health. There are things any person can do to stay healthy in these areas. But as a teenager, there are some things you should pay special attention to.

Physical health – Taking care of your body
Exercise regularly. Going to the gym is such an efficient way to stay active and you can even stay active without a gym membership at our local fitness center. Going to a gym with a friend or friends also allows you to stay motivated. Teens should be physically active at least 60 minutes of every day.
Eat a healthy diet. Healthy eating is an important part of your growth and development. Visit Reportshealthcare to get the best diets and supplements! Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, a variety of protein foods, and low-fat dairy products.
Maintain a healthy weight. Children and teenagers with obesity are more likely to have obesity as an adult. They are also at higher risk for other chronic illnesses, depression, and bullying.
Get enough sleep. Most teens need between 9 and 9 ½ hours of sleep every night. Many average only 7 hours. Sleep has a strong effect on your ability to concentrate and do well at school.
Keep up with vaccinations. Get a flu shot every year. If you haven’t gotten the HPV vaccine, ask your parents and doctor about it. It can prevent you from getting HPV and some kinds of cancer, including cervical cancer.

Brush and floss your teeth. Prevent tooth and gum problems in adulthood.

Take care of your skin. Having a good skin care routine and using the correct and quality products is essential. Especially if you use makeup. When buying makeup Use the right NeoStrata products for your skin type, since everyone has different skin; ranging from dry skin to oily skin. It is important to use good makeup and to clean your skin well.

Wear sunscreen, skin care is really important to be taken care of. Getting just one bad sunburn as a child or teenager increases your risk of getting skin cancer as an adult.
Don’t listen to loud music. This can damage your hearing for the rest of your life. Is important to take care of your skin, some collagen supplements can help you with that.
Exercise often. It is very important to get the blood flowing, and to try to walk and be standing up as often as possible. Drinking water is also crucial. Whether you exercise or not, you need to maintain your body hydrated. Although it can be a little bit difficult to get used to drinking pure water, your body will thank you afterwards. Try not to purchase plastic disposable water bottles and instead purchase a reusable one from, this way you can comfortably get used to drinking water and help the environment as well! Drinking water has so many benefits so please, make sure you try and drink 8 cups of water a day, more or less.

Mental health – Taking care of your mind
Learn ways to manage stress. You can’t avoid stress, so you need to learn how to manage it. This will help you stay calm and be able to function in stressful situations.
Study and do your best in school. There is a strong link between health and academic success.
Try to maintain a good relationship with your parents. Remember that they want what is best for you. Try to see where they are coming from when they set rules.
Develop a good balance between school, work, and social life.
Don’t try to take on too much. Limit your activities to the most important ones and give those 100%. Overextending yourself can lead to stress, frustration, or exhaustion.